Josera visit

First Vet Delegation Meets with Josera Director


May 2024

In a significant move to bolster international collaboration, a delegation from First Vet, a premier provider of veterinary services, attended a business dinner with the director of the German company Josera Mr. Frank Erbacher in May 2024. The meeting, held in Germany, was led by First Vet's chairman, Mr. Hamed Kshta.

Josera, renowned for its high-quality food products for horses, cats, and dogs, engaged in fruitful discussions with First Vet’s delegation. The primary focus of this strategic gathering was to strengthen cooperation and explore avenues for an enhanced partnership between the two companies.

Mr. Hamed Kshta and the Josera director discussed various initiatives aimed at mutual growth and the advancement of veterinary nutrition. The meeting underscored a shared commitment to excellence in pet care and nutrition, aligning both companies’ goals of providing superior products and services.

This business dinner marked a pivotal moment in First Vet’s ongoing efforts to expand its international collaborations and improve the quality of veterinary services it offers. The delegation from First Vet expressed optimism about the outcomes of the meeting and looks forward to implementing the discussed initiatives.

First Vet is dedicated to fostering strong partnerships that enhance its ability to deliver exceptional veterinary care. The company anticipates a fruitful collaboration with Josera, benefiting pets and their owners through improved nutrition and care solutions.

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