What we do, and why we doing it


First Vet, Your Story


Frist Vet established and commenced in 2014, it is a leading player in veterinary services, comprising vet poly-clinics and centers. Our commitment is reflected in the name, meaning "The first to help in the veterinary section." We focus on delivering quality medicines, vaccines, and a range of services to address real-world challenges in animal care.

Serving veterinarians and livestock producers, First Vet provides pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and equipment, with an exclusive line of products in Qatar. Our dedication extends to supporting those who raise and care for farm and companion animals, emphasizing relevance and quality in every aspect of our offerings.



We encloses a group of vet poly-clinics, and veterinary centers. First Vet manages handling with the following fields:

  • Importing, trading, and distributing veterinary pharmaceuticals, accessories, equipment, rations, feed additives and healthy foods.
  • Highly specialized and qualified veterinarians. Importing, trading of veterinary medicines, animal-ration, insecticides and herbicides.
  • Care of all kinds of animals. Providing all other veterinary pharmacies, farms and with the required vet medicines and veterinary accessories.


Years of passion

Discover the remarkable journey of First Vet, from our inception to becoming "Frist Vet" and introducing the renowned "Royal Vet Clinic." Witness our expansion into Qatar's largest showroom and the launch of "First Rider" and "Al Adiyat." With continuous innovation, including upgraded facilities and new showrooms like "Royal Pet (PVM)" and "Royal Pet (VM)," we're dedicated to redefining veterinary care in Qatar.

  • Founding
  • 2014
    First Vet
    Changed our name to "Frist Vet", and opened the pets clinic "Royal Vet Clinic"
  • 2016
    Upgrade the showroom to be the Biggest in Qatar including clinic and laboratory
  • 2018
    New Showrooms
    "First Rider" for Horse Accessories and start sponsoring some show Jumping riders. "Al Adiyat" Inside the Equestrian Federation
  • 2021
    Upgrade Warehouse
    "First Vet" Warehouse near the seaport and the Airport – 850 meters – capacity of 15 40 ft containers – fully air conditioned and fully equipped.
  • 2022-1
    New Showrooms
    "Royal Pet (PVM)" Place Vondom Mall, in Lusail City, the largest mall in Qatar
  • 2023-1
    New Showrooms
    "Royal Pet (VM)" Villaggio Mall, near the largest park in Qatar(Accessories Grooming)


Because your pet deserves the best


First Vet is looking forward to be one of the biggest enterprises that deal in veterinary pharmaceuticals, vet medical staff, and healthy feed additives in both State of Qatar and Arab Gulf. This is through a wide base of developed and advanced pharmacies. We seek so through importing, distributing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and getting the agency for international and Arab companies. Additionally we seek to present both distinguished and special veterinary service for our clients gaining their trust.


It is clear that the Qatari Market experiences considerable rapid steps of development economically and commercially. It’s also explicit that the Qatari Market is all-set for a fruitful investment to build up a business of a long term. Hence, First Vet seeks to occupy the first position within the commercial race and the real honest competition to grow this country up to reach the desired economic growth and to flourish both medical and health services.



The Heart of First Vet

First Vet's dedicated and diverse team, including specialized veterinarians, is committed to providing comprehensive care for all animals, from traditional pets to livestock and wildlife, ensuring their health and happiness with a wealth of experience and expertise.


Meet Our Team

From over 10 different nationalities

Hamed Kshta

Founder & Chairman

Hamed Kshta

Executive Manager
Dr. Mohamed Ashoush
Foreign Affairs & Logistics Manager
Ashraf Fahmy
Sales Manager
Hamed Abdullatief
Mohammed EL Saied
Financial Manager
Mohamed EL Saied
Dr. Ahmad Rashad
Equine line Executive
Dr. Ahmad Rashad
Dr. Vera Soras
Clinics Medical Manager
Dr. Vera Soras
Lauren Marais
Clinic Administration Executive
Lauren Marais


Where Comfort Meets Care
Mall Showrooms
For Equestrian Accessories and Pets Accessories (it’s the most beautiful one in Qatar)
Club Showroom
We have another branch Al Adiyat that’s making us very close to the trainers , owners and the riders
Near the seaport and the Airport – 850 meters – capacity of 15 40 ft containers – fully air conditioned and fully equipped.
Pets Hospital
Car Fleet


Unleashing Excellence Together


Al Furousiya Street,
P.O. Box: 91612 Doha Qatar