Poultry Wellness Partner


Elevate your poultry's health and productivity with First Vet's premium feed services. Our expertly formulated poultry feeds are designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of different poultry species. First Vet prioritizes quality ingredients to ensure a well-balanced diet that supports optimal growth and egg production. Trust us to provide the nourishment your poultry needs for peak performance.


First Vet is your dedicated partner in poultry health, offering comprehensive treatment services administered by experienced veterinarians. From preventive care to targeted treatments, our team ensures the well-being of your flock. With a focus on disease prevention and effective treatments, First Vet contributes to maintaining a robust and thriving poultry population on your farm.


Pamper your poultry with First Vet's specialized grooming services, designed to enhance their well-being. Our expert groomers utilize gentle techniques and high-quality products to ensure the health and appearance of your feathered friends. From feather maintenance to overall health checks, First Vet's grooming services contribute to a comfortable and thriving poultry environment.


First Vet extends its veterinary expertise to poultry farms, offering comprehensive farm services. We specialize in implementing best practices in poultry husbandry, disease control, and farm management. From biosecurity measures to optimizing farm infrastructure, First Vet collaborates with you to create a healthy and efficient environment for your poultry, ensuring sustainable and successful farming practices.