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A World of Veterinary Knowledge: Events and Engagement at Frist Vet

Step into the realm of premier veterinary care with Frist Vet. Our spotlight shines on meticulously organized events, where participants are invited to partake in in a day rich in important events. These gatherings stand as the cornerstone of our commitment, fostering collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Following closely is our active participation in local and international exhibitions, a testament to our dedication to staying abreast of industry innovations. Lastly, our global visits to exhibitions around the world underscore our quest for cutting-edge insights. Join us on this journey, where events, participations, and visits converge to shape the future of veterinary excellence in Qatar and beyond.
Josera visit

A visit and working dinner between the First Vet delegation and the director of Josera in Germany

In May 2024, a delegation from First Vet, specializing in veterinary services and led by Chairman Mr. Hamed Kshta, attended a business dinner in Germany with the director of Josera Mr. Frank Erbacher, a leading provider of food for horses, cats, and dogs. The meeting focused on strengthening cooperation and exploring new partnership opportunities. Both parties discussed initiatives aimed at enhancing pet nutrition and veterinary care, marking a significant step towards closer collaboration between First Vet and Josera.


May 2024

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