MB Bergamo visit

First Vet Delegation Visits MB Bergamo Officials


May 2024

In a significant step towards enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency, a delegation from First Vet, a leading provider of veterinary services, recently visited officials from the Italian company MB Bergamo. The visit took place in Germany in May 2024, focusing on coordinating and arranging upcoming orders.

MB Bergamo, renowned for its expertise in manufacturing plastic molds and plastic material processors for pets, engaged in productive discussions with First Vet's delegation. The primary objective of the visit was to streamline processes, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of high-quality plastic products essential for veterinary operations.

During the visit, both companies explored opportunities for strengthening their partnership, discussing innovative solutions and best practices in the field. The meetings underscored a mutual commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, aligning with First Vet's mission to provide top-notch veterinary services.

The delegation from First Vet expressed their satisfaction with the visit, highlighting the importance of direct engagement and on-site coordination. This visit not only solidified the professional relationship between First Vet and MB Bergamo but also paved the way for future collaborations aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of veterinary care.

First Vet is committed to leveraging such strategic partnerships to deliver exceptional services to its clients. The company looks forward to the successful implementation of the discussed orders and further strengthening its collaboration with MB Bergamo.

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