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First Vet Annual Equine meeting 2018 - Qatar

Doha, Qatar


First Vet, a leading authority in veterinary services, recently orchestrated a dynamic conference focused on equestrianism at the prestigious Al Rayan Hotel in Doha.

The event, tailored for partners within the equestrian field, showcased a lineup of compelling speeches delivered by esteemed industry professionals. With diverse perspectives and insights shared, attendees gained valuable knowledge on various facets of equestrian care and management.

The conference kicked off with engaging PowerPoint presentations, setting the stage for discussions on equine health, training methodologies, and performance optimization strategies.

Culminating the day's proceedings was an elegant business dinner, providing a relaxed environment for networking and collaboration among participants.

The event exemplifies First Vet's dedication to fostering partnerships and knowledge-sharing within the equestrian community, reinforcing its reputation as a pioneer in veterinary excellence.

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